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Hey all you SSFTA mountain bike enthusiasts!  If you have any shots of you or other SSFTA participants doing ANYTHING mountain bike or club related, please send them to us to post.  We would love to show the world what a great thing we have going on.

To get them posted, all you have to do is email them to in batches of 5 or so at a time (to keep the email gods happy).  We will then get them posted within a couple of days.


2014 Photos
  • Despedida a James Pass y Deanne RentingLast Updated On: 6/12/2014

    Kevin and Kari hosted a farewell party for our awesome friends, James and Deanne on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

  • Triple Trail Tour - 5/10/14Last Updated On: 5/12/2014

    Tim Strem lead a group of six riders through three unique trails in the Kern Canyon on Saturday, May 10, 2014. The group started with a climb surrounded by green grass and wild flowers on their way up the Mill Creek Trail. The group was was welcomed by three creek crossing and a massive bull. No injuries were recorded for either trail obstacles. Up next was the Kern River Trail. The group headed down stream from the bridge along a technical and off camber single track that had as many rocks as it did grass growing over the trail. The last stop was the Coso Mine Trail which lead to the top of Isabella Peak where all riders enjoyed an overhead view of Lake Isabella. After a long morning the group headed to KRBC to refill their tanks before heading back home. Stay tuned for more trail action with the club all summer!

  • This Is Dirt RideLast Updated On: 4/7/2014

    We had over 30 people show up to our "This Is Dirt" ride hosted by Bob Sughrue. Our goal to introduce new riders to the dirt in the local foothills was successful as there were a dozen new faces out riding with us! Stay tuned for more introductory rides and events.

  • Keyesville Classic 2014Last Updated On: 4/7/2014

    This year's Keyeville Classic held on March 29th and 30th, 2014, was incredible! We had a great time watching orange jerseys on the short track course, in the snake pit, and on the cross country course! The club camp had an exceptionally large turn out! We look forward to doing another camp out soon!

  • Foothill Classic MTB Race - 02/23/14Last Updated On: 2/24/2014

    There was an incredible turn out by the SSFTA at the Foothill Classic on Saturday, February 23rd! Our club booth was buzzing with activity and we would like to thank all of our volunteers who spent time watching the booth and talking to everyone about the club! There were familiar faces everywhere you looked! Our Sunday ride group even stopped by to check out the beginner race and grab some licorice from our club booth. The course was tough and the warmer weather made things that much more challenging. Thank you SamBarn Promotions for putting on another great event and thank you to all of our member and friends who came out to watch and race! You are all awesome and we are looking forward to doing it all again at Keyesville!.

  • JO - Novice Ride 1/26/14Last Updated On: 1/28/2014

    Bryan and Megan Rury lead a group of 18 riders from Alta Sierra Ski Resort down through Just Outstanding trail on Sunday, January 26, 2014. The group was all smiles as they blew through the manzanita tunnels and blasted over the rocky descent on Waggy Flat!

  • Rio Bravo Rumble - 1/18/14Last Updated On: 1/27/2014

    On Saturday, January 18, 2014, Glinn and Giordano hosted the tenth annual Rio Bravo Rumble and the SSFTA was out in full force! We had several return riders and even more first timers take on the course. We had members in almost all of the events, not just the mountain bike races. Thank you to everyone who visited the club booth and for all those who supported this great local event!

  • Unal & Just Outstanding - 1/18/14Last Updated On: 1/27/2014

    While most of our club members were stuck out in the sun at the Rio Bravo Rumble on Saturday, Mark Bledsoe lead a group ride through the single-track paradise known as Just Outstanding! This group of nine riders earned their downhill by first climbing up the Unal Trail. After that great leg warm up, it was shade covered downhill through the manzanitas up until Waggy Flat where everyone got a good taste of that California winter sunshine we all know and love. Keep an eye out on the club website and the forums for more rides down this amazing trail! Thank you Mark for leading this incredible trail ride!

  • SSFTA New Year's Day RideLast Updated On: 1/2/2014

    2014 is off to a great start! 17 riders joined the SSFTA's first ride of the year down the Kern River Trail on Wednesday, January 1, 2014. The group was met with cool weather at the start of the ride but quickly started shedding their extra layers once the sun came out. The incredible single track and rolling hills made for a terrific day. Thank you to all who came out today! We are looking forward to seeing everyone on more rides in the future.


    Helmets are required on all rides because mountain biking can be a dangerous activity, even while just hangin’ around before or after a ride!

    The SSFTA is a fun social group and our invitation to ride is not an assumption of any liability whatsoever on the Club’s, member’s, sponsor’s, or affiliate’s part. The terrain and group-ride dynamics can be extremely variable and can possibly exceed any rider’s ability at any time. The SSFTA is not responsible for accidents or ignorance on yours or anyone’s part.

    Your decision to show up and ride with SSFTA or any of its members, affiliates, sponsors, et al., expressly waives your right to blame anyone else for your or others poor judgment, mishaps, equipment failures, dumb luck, or any other “lame-blame-game” or excuse you or others may harbor or concoct.

    Speaking of equipment failures, if yours does, someone else might be able to fix it but you should be prepared to deal with it without counting on others. Wear proper clothing and by all means come prepared to hydrate and nourish yourself before and during the event. You should also consult with a physician before attempting any exercise (and you should consult with a psychiatrist if you have any other issues). Always carry clear identification and insurance cards.

    “Remember, in man vs oak tree the oak tree wins” C.K.


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