We want your photos!

Hey all you SSFTA mountain bike enthusiasts!  If you have any shots of you or other SSFTA participants doing ANYTHING mountain bike or club related, please send them to us to post.  We would love to show the world what a great thing we have going on.

To get them posted, all you have to do is email them to in batches of 5 or so at a time (to keep the email gods happy).  We will then get them posted within a couple of days.


2012 Photos
  • SSFTA Christmas timeLast Updated On: 1/2/2013

    Eddie leads the club in adopting a classroom to give gifts to. Yay Eddie, and thanks to all the club members who donated for this cause.

  • Kern River Trail 11/10Last Updated On: 11/20/2012

    What a great ride led by Ryan. Tacky trail, a little hail, everyone had fun!

  • McGill Trail 10/27Last Updated On: 10/30/2012

    A perfect Mt bike ride on the McGill Trail. Ideal weather, good peeps, nuthin' but fun.

  • Montana De OroLast Updated On: 10/19/2012

    A nice ride on the central coast

  • Quaking Aspen/ Nelson TrailLast Updated On: 10/1/2012

    A plucky band of SSFTAers and some new friends shot up to Quaking Aspen and rode the Nelson Trail. A good time was had by all.

  • China Peak Ride 9/16Last Updated On: 10/1/2012

    Eddie led this exploratory ride at China Peak & everyone had a great time.

  • Eddie is Just Outstanding 6/9Last Updated On: 6/11/2012

    A "Let Eddie Ride" tribute to our selfless SSFTAer who is always sacrificing his ride to help others

  • Just Outstanding Ride 6/2Last Updated On: 6/4/2012

    Photos from the huge turn out for this classic ride down "Just Outstanding". Thanks to Mark Bledsoe for setting up another great day of riding for the SSFTA

  • Just Outstanding 6/2Last Updated On: 6/3/2012

    30 riders showed up for an AWESOME ride; thank you to Mark for organizing and leading.

  • Kern River Trail Ride 4/28Last Updated On: 5/8/2012

    A great ride down the KRT from the corral, led by the talented Mark Bledsoe.

  • KRT/ Badger Gap RideLast Updated On: 1/30/2012

    A nice ride up the KRT; some riders continued up Badger Gap Trail.


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